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Creating human-centric digital experiences for your customers and employees, transforming your business model and revenue streams, extracting actionable insights from your data, and rapidly innovating new services & products – all by using new technology as an enabler of change.

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Strategy & Consulting

Business as usual is dead, constant change is the new normal. This is what we believe in and that’s why we want to help companies embrace change as the main driver for innovation & growth.

Our approach to change is dynamic – meaning that we work with you from small-scale to enterprise-wide initiatives that, over time, become a complete digital transformation of your business.

Our strategy experts deep dive into each and every client’s unique value proposition, the nature of their business, the emerging industry trends, and real-time customer needs – to define and execute strategies & solutions ready for the world of tomorrow.

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Business Models

By using technology as an enabler, we work to redefine and create new business models for your company, enabling you to deliver new services & products at a rapid pace, based on real-time customer feedback.

Intervening the offline & online world, we aim to grow your market share, expand & customize your offering, extract additional value from your existing assets, and create new revenue streams for your business.

Our business & product experts will work with you from end-to-end, creating a concept based on data-driven insights, developing prototypes & testing them with real people, redefining existing products & services, up to delivering a complete product on the market at the fastest pace possible.

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Cloud Computing

Being cloud-native from the beginning, Mainone Technologies focuses on providing solutions to businesses which enable them to exploit the full potential of the cloud and its services, whilst adopting an optimal Cloud Operating Model.

We help businesses migrate to the cloud by providing assessment, strategy, support, and maintenance where needed.

We have created an agile & dynamic framework for development that enables us and our clients to develop, test, iterate & launch MVPs in a matter of weeks.

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Data & Intelligence

Working with technologies like the cloud, IoT, AI, ML and Big Data enables us to track, process & activate data in real-time. However, the real power of data comes only when it is used to extract valuable & actionable insights, and act on them.

By combining our expertise in data & our understanding of the current business world, we can help you use these insights to optimise your day-to-day operations, cut unnecessary costs, save & re-invest resources in areas with a high propensity for a faster ROI, as well as use the insights to create new products, new services & new revenue streams for your business.

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Smart Product Development

Going beyond software, we also have hardware development experts who specialise in electronics design with embedded software.

Our process combines prototype manufacturing, verification, certification and industrialisation capabilities supported by the latest in development and testing tools to provide a total solution from early concept phase to high volume manufacturing for our customers. In close cooperation with our customers, we turn ideas into ready-made solutions and commercial products.

We strive to be a long-term partner with companies who develop or need smart product solutions.

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Human-Centric Digital Experiences

The ultimate goal of every business is to deliver an experience people do not want to exchange for any other brand in the world.  

Understanding what your customers, your partners, and your employees need, when & where they want it – will enable you to engage them with truly personalized experiences across the digital & offline landscape. 

We have partnered up with some of the leading digital solutions in the world to help clients use the power of data, technology, and human talent to create true human-centric digital experiences. 

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