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About the Client

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A well-known international publisher of recipes, with a successful print business in the USA, wanted to transform its product into a digital community of food lovers.

The Problem

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As expectations in the digital age set a new pace for change, the need for the digital transformation of their business arose. They needed to find a way to continue delivering high quality recipes to customers, while simultaneously creating a new value proposition, in order to differentiate the brand from the dozens of online recipe publishers.

Our Solution

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Our solution involved developing an Android & iOS mobile app and a website that enables foodies to search for tasty recipes, save their favourites, create new recipes and share recipes with family & friends.

The powerful search engine ranks all recipes with a unique quality review algorithm based on data from different social media. It suggests refined search groups and can filter in different categories. In addition to searching recipes, foodies can also search collections and profiles of other chefs. All recipes are presented in one unified and attractive format with HQ images & videos.

To facilitate the social aspect, the app lets users like recipes or comments, leave reviews and ratings, as well as comment on recipes. They can also save recipe favourites from throughout the web in their profiles, create collections, and share them on Messenger or with their Facebook friends.

The app is supported by a fully scalable cloud infrastructure that ensures all instances are set to auto scale, preventing the app and the web from having any downtime of the services or change in delivery speed. It also lets developers make bigger updates in the app without affecting the significant number of users or their usage of the app at any time.

The Outcome

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The app quickly became popular among the Gen X and Baby Boomer groups, enabling them to share their love of cooking via digital channels, connect with like-minded individuals, and enrich their everyday cooking.

Our project’s success through numbers:

  • 4000+ digitalized recipes  

  • 120,000+ signed up users

  • 30,000+ monthly active users on the web

  • 7,000+ monthly active users on the mobile apps

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