Project Description

Smart(Er) Cooking

Innovating the way people interact with food through an AI-driven digital food assistant

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About the Client

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A well-established international creator of products related to recipes & cookery, with a successful history of over 40 years in the business, was in need of digital transformation.

Their vision was to provide customers with personalised recipes that will allow them to cook healthy, quick & easy, and most importantly, delicious meals!

The Problem

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In the client’s digitalisation journey, we faced two main challenges:

  1. Conquering a highly saturated market with a lot of providers of digital recipes.
  2. Getting millennials on board – since they were the target audience.

To respond to both challenges, we decided to come up with a solution which will provide additional value to the audience through a unique proposition, and simultaneously fill a gap in the market.

Our Solution

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Through in-depth research & market analysis, we came up with an AI-driven digital food assistant that uses advanced image recognition and machine learning to provide the best recipe choices for millennials. The app aims to improve millennials’ everyday life by providing them with tailor-made recipes that fit their food preferences.

Our goal was to make a digital companion that understands the context of users’ everyday life and habits and recommend the right meal at the right time in an immersive way. For example, if you open the app at 4 PM on a Monday in winter, it will recommend you a dinner type meal that has ingredients that grow in winter AND fits your vegetarian diet.

The app is powered with:

  • Carefully selected recipes with high quality original videos created by professional chefs and produced in-house. Each recipe suggestion shows the cooking process step-by-step, an ingredients list, and which diet the recipe is suitable for.

  • Simple & fun user experience that starts with the user taking a photo of any ingredient they want to cook and then getting tailored recipe suggestions. The more the person uses the app, the more personalised the recipes get.

  • Breakthrough scalable technology platform that can easily facilitate the addition of new features and functionalities, and can scale from 1000 to 1.000.000 users in minutes.

  • The monetization model is based on in-app advertisement together with in-app premium experience. 

The Outcome

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The result of our work was an app that gave a totally new approach like no other food app on the market. The word quickly spread, grabbing international recognition:

  • PR mentions in TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Lifehacker and more. 

  • Nr.3 product of the day at Product Hunt 

  • 0.5$ minimal Cost-Per-Install from paid acquisition 

  • Fully scalable solution that can support 10k to 10M users in minutes 

  • 1M+ personalized emails, push & web messages sent 

  • 2,500+ recipes cooked monthly 

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