Project Description

Internet of Wellness

Transforming fitness & wellness with the power of AI & ML

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About the Client

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This project was started from scratch, as a close collaboration between our organization and a group of wellness enthusiasts that wanted to transform the wellness industry through the power of technology.

The Problem

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The fitness & wellness industry has been booming for the last decade, however, it was not keeping up pace with the digital transformation that other industries had already taken up.  

Many people were still booking treatments & trainings via offline channels like phone or in-person, while some were starting to use digital channels to do that. At the same time, businesses were struggling to match offline & online channels, were losing track of the amount of work they’re having, or even worse – they were ending up with unused slots in their calendar.  

Our Solution

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Together with the team, we created an AI-driven platform which we called the “Internet of Wellness”, whose main goal was to match the more & more demanding consumer needs with wellness and fitness vendors.

The platform is used to assign classes or training sessions, create and sell memberships, onboard new members, track employee hours, pull reports, keep track of members, track and process payments, send emails, and more.

The IOW platform helps businesses with:

  • Membership management – integrate all member data in one place including their account information, payment history, and attendance.

  • Class scheduling and managing – create a schedule, control class sizes and enter last-minute substitutions. 

  • Lead generation – monitors leads, tracks sales, revenue, member attendance, retention levels and more. 

  • Billing – cut down time and money spent on admin overload. 

  • Dashboard and reporting – get actionable data and allocate your resources and budget effectively. 

It helps people that need fitness & wellness services with: 

  • Easy bookings – sign up for your favorite classes, facilities, or personal training sessions with just a few clicks. 

  • Online payment – pay for your membership, class, personal training or any other fee with secure online payment. 

  • Find the right fit – find a participating fitness location with the equipment and classes you prefer, to stay more active. 

  • Personalized profile – personal fitness profile with biometric data to optimize every workout for maximum results i.e. manage their health and physical ability. 

  • Workout experiences – share and debate achievements with friends in real-time. 

The Outcome

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The IOW platform enables fast go-to-market via multiple channels to attract businesses, create the marketplace, and serve the need while offering a hassle-free experience.

The end-users of the platform benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Fitness & wellness providers – use the platform to find out their upcoming schedules, see how many members are signed up for their services, and track members’ progress. Integrating IoT devices into traditional training removes the need for trainers to manually track workouts, also helps to monitor user progress and provides advice to help them.

  • People that workout – use this platform to book classes or services online (either through a dedicated app or on the company website), to make payments, and to access their personalized fitness information. 

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