We are building an international blue-chip company contributing to large enterprises and governments development with technology as an enabler. We are helping to improve their customer experience while converting business models and reducing cost through automation.

We consider ourselves as a Digital Contractor, who owns companies with different specialized technological skills, architects & engineers with an experienced methodical framework.

Today Mainone Technologies consists of companies with a focus on software and services and companies using modern high-end technologies to digitally transform and automate customers need. The present group of companies are in the business of Cloud consulting, Cloud development, App development, Embedded SW, Hardware and prototyping.

The group of companies has branches in 6 different countries and are at present 100+ employees and growing.

Furthermore, we have 1200+ offshore workers connected via partners. Our focus is to have the right people employed and to be able to scale up and down on the more “hands-on” related tasks.

We aim to be the preferred company to approach when having to embrace the digital opportunity that lies ahead of all organizations, companies and sectors.

– We are change makers for successful transformations
– We have Business knowledge in our client’s sectors
– We deliver truly Dynamic transformations
– We create a client’s new secure digital ecosystem
– We deliver the value needed to embrace the future

With a focus on

– Engaging clients and their customers
– Empower employees
– Optimize operations
– Transforming products and revenue streams